We’re competing for the title “Loveable workplace” this year too!

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The Loveable Workplaces Award was established by in 2017, with the aim of showing there are several enterprises in Hungary people like working for, even on Mondays. 

The tenderer companies present what it’s like working with them, which values they operate along, how their office looks like, what kind of team-building programs they arrange – giving an insight into their daily operation. However, this year has brought a lot of changes and challenges to our lives, so this time companies were given the opportunity to show how they coped with COVID-19 period, what new habits emerged and how they managed to keep the teams together during home office.

Encouraged by last years’ success, we applied in 2020 as well, take a look at our PROFILE! The public voting ends on 31st October, subsequently the TOP 100 SME’s, 25 large enterprises, and this year for the first time 10 companies from Transylvania will be announced as winners. The online conference and awards ceremony will take place on 12th November, where the professional jury will hand out special prizes to the outstanding applicants.

If you have an opinion and you’d like to let the world know it, as a voter you may contribute to the final results! Click HERE for voting!

nextentWe’re competing for the title “Loveable workplace” this year too!
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Start “The geek games”!

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In regards to last year’s success, organizes Hungary’s biggest online IT contest in 2019 again! The III. National IT Competition starts at the end of September, and applicants can compete against each other in different categories – from programming through IT security to Big Data – on several fields.

Same as last year, we’ve associated with this initiative as the official sponsor of the category „Embedded systems – C language”. Our intention with this contest is to show the daily challenges of this field, and provide personal development opportunities. This time, contestants are like designing engineers trapped in a spaceship, and they will have to solve varied tasks to get out of the machine. The one who succeeds first, will get a PlayStation 4 and a VR headset.

The absolute winner of this competition, who performs best in most of the categories, earns the title called “The most versatile IT specialist of Hungary”. If you like playing, fond of competitions fitted into exciting stories, and curious about how up-to-date your IT knowledge, apply now!

The challenge starts at the end of September, application is free till 28th August midnight!

Visit the official website to get more information about the category of „Embedded systems”!


nextentStart “The geek games”!
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Giving is good!

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It’s always good to give a helping hand, especially if it happens for such a nice purpose. Not long ago, Nextent gave a donation to Ercsi Kossuth Lajos Primary School to support their summer camp.

The institution is maintained by a non-profit organisation, therefore they operate from a small amount of money which is only enough for upkeep. Most of the kids are underpriviliged, mentally disabled, and – in many cases – live between bad family circumstances. The school has organised summer camping for 32 years: half of its costs is covered by Sziltop Nonprofit Ltd., and they raise money from tenders and donations for the remainder.

This year’s camp was arranged in the end of June with the participation of 25 children. Travelling aorund Hungary, in the course of the camp kids went to Zoo Győr and had sightseeing in the city, visited Majk, Tata, and the Turul in Tatabánya. Besides this, they had time for bathing in Gyémánt Spa, taking a handcraft workshop, playing football and going to movies.

It’s a big pleasure to us, that we could help for the school and by supporting the camp we contributed to its success!

nextentGiving is good!
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This January we’ve started the joint work with Hive Creative Ltd., who supports us in employer branding, building our Nextent community, and in external and internal communication tasks.

In connection with this project, on 17th July we met at KAPTÁR, with the aim of showing our colleagues where we’re in the process right now. We talked about the importance of employer branding, then Erika Fekete (Head of HR) and Nóra Kristóf (Head of Marketing) presented the results of the internal and external survey, and reviewed those directions that’s gonna be the keystones of our employer branding strategy. It’s obvious that we’ll have a pretty busy autumn.

After the presentation, the discussion continued in the company of delicious foods and cold drinks

on this cheerful, late night event.

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Talent-BRIDGE Program in Szeged

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On 6th July, within the confines of Talent-BRIDGE Program Szeged, our colleague – Tamás Filep – gave a talk in the SZTE Eötvös Lorand College Talent Nurturing camp.

The main aim of the program is to make easier the integration to university for students, who performed best on high school academic competitions, and to support talent nurturing. Alongside the summer camp, mentoring support, technical college membership, even a one-time school starting support will be provided for the best ones.

In his presentation – titled “Future innovation trends” – Tomi introduced new innovations of cyber physical systems, Industry 4.0, Smart City, development of automotive industry, VR/AR/XR and cyber security. After the presentation, participants could ask their questions about the technological and probable social effects regarding the subject. At the end of the day, students took part in wine-tasting, where they could carry on the conversation in informal context.

Thanks for the organisation to Renáta Haller!

Get more information about Talent-BRIDGE Program HERE.

nextentTalent-BRIDGE Program in Szeged
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